New Weed Killer Cane Makes Killing Weeds Fast, Easy and Inexpensive.

No More Heavy Sprayers, Bending Over, or Yellow Spots.

Safer for your Pets and our Environment.



Weed Killer Cane Sponge Tip                 Weed Killer Cane in Action



As shown in the pictures, the Weed Cane™ is a translucent plastic tube with a sponge valve on the end. When pressed down, the valve releases a small amount of herbicide into the sponge. The sponge holds the herbicide and applies it on the weed. It also keeps dirt and other particles from clogging and ruining the valve.

The tube is filled with a systemic herbicide, such as Roundup, and you just walk around and touch the weeds with the end. The overuse of herbicides results in runoff that pollutes ground water, rivers and lakes. The Killer Cane uses just enough herbicide to kill the weed, so it is safer for pets and our environment. You can also use alternative liquids to kill your weeds, such as vinegar or other organic combinations.


The tip just needs to be pressed softly to dispense the herbicide. A quick, soft touch to the weed will kill the weed, and the cane will last many seasons. Just walk around your lawn and garden and touch all the weeds you see with the end of the cane. EZ does it. The Weed Cane™ makes killing weeds fun!

The Weed Killer Cane is the Ultimate Spot-Weeder & Dandelion Killer.


Bottom Line: It's easier, works better, costs less, and is safer for pets and the environment.



Weed Killer Cane makes killing weeds easy.

ATTENTION: This product is no longer available for sale.


We are looking to sell the website, the product name, the trademarks, the product design, supplier leads and remaining supplies.


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"We have problems sometimes of crabgrass or goosegrass breaking through on a putting green and the cane helps by allowing the manager to spot treat without spending dollars and often times spraying a chemical that will affect the entire green. Thanks!" - Kevin T.


"I was so happy to find this product because spraying weeds is not good for anything or anybody. My Dad had one of these 50 years ago but it didn't have a sponge." - David K.